why send your arrival info?

the clock tower in san miguel de allende

Is your flight on Mexican time?

Why do we need your arrival info in advance? Are we just nosy and/or controlling, or what?  No. (Well, maybe a little, but that’s not why we ask.) Here’s why: we stopped waiting around for people to just show up a long, frustrating time ago.*

Our time is SO much better spent working than waiting. We will, however, happily drop everything and come running when you arrive (as long as we know in advance.)

*Mexican time is great if you’re on vacation. (We highly recommend removing your watch while here.) But when you’re trying to run a business and a life, it’s better to know when things really are going to happen. You wouldn’t believe how many reserved guests have gotten delayed, missed their fights, or even decided to go Guadalajara instead of San Miguel—without giving us any notice.

Meanwhile, there we were, sitting around waiting, checking our watches, fidgeting and tapping our feet, afraid to cook dinner / run errands / wash the dog because we’d probably just be interrupted in the middle of it.

So, now we just get the info we need to be there for you when you get here and we get to have a life. Win-win!