what’s a b & k?

the kitchen and dining area at casita de las flors san miguel de allende.

No, B&K does not mean there's a bed in the kitchen.

The brilliant term B&K is (ahem) our own invention. It refers to a guest house / b&b type situation, only instead of getting breakfast made for you (whether you eat lukewarm scrambled tofu or not) you get a shared kitchen of your very own. And you can cook breakfast, dinner, lunch, brunch — even a midnight snack (if you do the latter quietly).


All of this means you’re:

  1. not always at the mercy of San Miguel restaurants (this is especially meaningful if you have special dietary needs)
  2. able to save a little cash, if you so desire (see, we’re always thinkin’ of ya)

Our bright and airy kitchen / dining room is not only the social hub of the Casita (as with any kitchen). It’s also fully equipped with just about everything you might need to make a meal. Except food, of course — that’s your responsibility.

(A trip to a foreign grocery store is a travel adventure you really shouldn’t miss, anyway. Fascinating.)

So, bring those hard to find must-haves like gluten-free brownie mix, organic mac and cheese, your favorite brand of curry powder, or just about anything from Trader Joe’s. Yum.

buen provecho!