getting to the casita

san miguel taxiThe Casita is nestled away at the end of a private passageway, and is rather hard to find the first time (even for some local taxi drivers). No need to worry, however — a map with our exact location will be sent to you, once your reservation is confirmed and you’ve sent your arrival info.

So why not just publish the map? I’m glad you asked. It’s not like we’re paranoid, or secretive, or anything (though, of course, we know “They” are out to get us), it’s just that we’ve found that withholding the address is the best way to guarantee that guests actually send their arrival info and don’t just show up at random at the Casita, bug the neighbors, then get all grumpy cuz we’re not there waiting for someone we didn’t know was coming, etc. (Heck of a way to start a vacation!)

If you’re arriving in a Viajes San Miguel airport shuttle, the driver knows how to get here and should know to call us about 15 minutes before arriving. Never hurts to remind him to call ahead…

If you have any more travel questions or concerns about any of this, please email hidden; JavaScript is required us.