internet in san miguel

the san miguel main square — one huge wireless internet hotspot

San Miguel's jardin — one big wifi hotspot

The Casita has free wifi for your surfing, entertainment, and communication pleasure. (Also in case, God forbid, you need to work while you’re here—be advised that we very much frown on that sort of thing. You’re supposed to be relaxing and recharging so that you can be all rejuvenated and rockstaresque when you get back home.)

In case you want to play on the internet while out on the town, wifi abounds in San Miguel de Allende. El jardin, San Miguel’s own historic colonial main plaza, apart from being the beating heart of San Miguel and the place to hang out if you’re anyone, is a free wifi hotspot—pretty darn modern for the third world, wouldn’t you say?

And just in case you don’t feel like schlepping your electronics to San Miguel, there are internet cafes with computers all over the place. Cafe del Sol, for example, just a couple of blocks away, has great coffee, inexpensive breakfasts and free internet for clients. (via wifi and a computer terminal)

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