our location & map

san miguel map with a secret—the location of the casitaWhere in San Miguel is the Casita? We are located in the Colonia Allende, a typical Mexican neighborhood, about a 20-minute walk (South) from the centro and about ten minutes from the Instituto Allende. It’s not right in the centro, but then that’s what makes it much less expensive and much more peaceful.

getting to the Casita once in San Miguel.

Shhh. It’s a secret! We only give out our exact address to reserved guests for two reasons:

  1. we’re a bit tricky to find the first time and we don’t want you getting lost and cranky (don’t worry, we’ll send you a map)
  2. to insure the privacy and tranquility of our guests. This way, we don’t have people just stopping by unannounced (and you don’t have to keep answering the door in your bathrobe if we’re not around).

Once your reservation is confirmed, we will send you the necessary arrival details. Important: We absolutely need to know your arrival information, in advance, so that we can plan our day and be available to greet you.

parking — There is parking available on the street outside the Casita. It is quite safe, but if you’re worried about your car, there is a very inexpensive, gated and supervised parking lot a block and a half away. Please let us know if you have any questions.

our world famous San Miguel de Allende map — includes restaurants, cafes, bars, markets, stores, galleries, historic sights, ATM’s, and botanical gardens. It’ll tell you where to buy tequila, go dancing, get your dancing shoes fixed, work out, pick up some new paint brushes, go swimming, get aloe vera for your sunburn, spend your money, get more money changed, buy organic veggies, etc., etc.

It’ll even tell you where you can phone home gratis. (We guarantee that fancy, snooty, pricey San Miguel B&B maps pale in comparison.) The map won’t divulge our exclusive location (hint: we’re near the bottom of the map), but it’ll show you all sorts of San Miguel goodies even if you should be so foolish as to stay somewhere else. (Again, ain’t we sweet?) Enjoy!