san miguel travel guide

twilight in the jardin, san miguel de allende

San Miguel de Allende's jardin at twilight as seen from Cafe del Jardin

Our very own San Miguel de Allende Travel guide, chock full of helpful travel information we’ve lovingly gathered to  help you get the most out of your visit to San Miguel—practical details you’ll want to know, from how to get to San Miguel, to the cash vs. credit card question, to “what should I pack?” It’s all here, just for you.

If you feel something important is missing, please let us know.

the superduper casita san miguel adventurer’s guide:

Getting to San Miguel — money and time-saving tips for booking your travel to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

Getting to the Casita — arrival information and our slightly unconventional methods explained.

Money Matters — What’s best in San Miguel? Cash or credit? Traveler’s checks?

Communications in San Miguel — How to stay in touch while far away. Telephone, internet access matters. Shall I bring my laptop/ipad/cell phone?

San Miguel de Allende Maps — Our own careful creation, our own vision of what’s best in San Miguel. Download it here… Oh, and also some other people’s maps. (not nearly as neat as ours, but still useful)

San Miguel Weather — Seasonal information and what to pack. Weather reports, forecasts and past data. As well as an actual weather station in San Miguel (most of the reports online are from nearby cities.)

San Miguel travel store — Tiendita de las flores has you covered We’ve researched and compliled an list of books, guides, and goodies you really shouldn’t come down here without. Even a couple of soundtracks for San Miguel.

And much more! Check out the drop down menu to check it out.


“The best place to stay in San Miguel. Had a wonderful time, loved the place and met the best people at the Casita. I’ll be back!”

—Lance. Elko, Nevada