what price, colonial paradise?

Crisis, schmisis. You still gotta get away — you’ll be happier and live longer. (Studies prove that vacations are good for your health!  San Miguel de Allende is better for you than liver or brussel sprouts— lowering, as it does, your Heart Rate. Diminishing, as it does, your Stress Levels. And boosting, as it does, your Beautiful Life Experience Quotient (BLEQ), which everyone knows is way better than brussel sprouts. (blech!)

No matter how sickly the economy, we know that travelers still need to travel to San Miguel, and we want to keep hosting your visits to this beautiful town. But we realize times are tough, so we actually lowered our rates this year! (Ain’t we sweet?)

We’re not the cheapest place to stay in town (that place smells funny), but we offer the best value accommodations for travelers on a budget (there ain’t much in the way of comfy cheap hotels in San Miguel, believe us). Tecnically, you’ll actually be saving money by coming down — the dollar goes much further around here than it has in more than a decade.

To book a room, please click the reserve button and fill out a reservation request form (this does not reserve your room, it is only a request). We will get back to you promptly with availability and rates.

The gory details:

A deposit is required. We cannot reserve a room without a deposit or prepayment.

  • 7 nights or less — full payment in order to reserve.
  • More than 7 nights — a deposit of 7 days or 50% of your total stay, whichever is greater.
  • Your balance is due upon arrival at the Casita, so, please bring US dollars, pesos or traveler’s checks.
  • Payment options: We offer many convenient ways to pay for your happy Casita stay:  Click here for details.

The fine print:

By sending us a payment or deposit, you accept and agree to:

  • the terms of our refund and cancellation policies.
  • to send us your arrival information in advance.
  • that if you do not show up to claim your room, or fail to contact us when you do arrive, you forfeit your deposit.

Check out our healthy boundaries:

  • There are no exceptions to these policies.
  • Rates are subject to change without notice.
  • our refund policies are non-negotiable.

“Don’t forget me, as I will not forget the casita. —Uli, Germany”

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