our (super fair) cancellation and refund policies

cafe table overlooking the jardin in san miguel de allende, mexico

we’re saving you a seat (and a room)

Deposits offer us some small protection against the vagaries of our guests’ lives. When you reserve, we make a deal: We promise to have your room waiting for you, and you promise to show up, more or less on time, in San Miguel de Allende.

We always keep our end of the deal, but occasionally our guests cannot. The deposit helps us not lose our shirt completely if something keeps a guest from showing up.

Our policies are not an attempt to profit off of others’ misfortunes. Rather, they are a way to lose less money because of them. If you cancel, we usually lose money. If we’re not losing money (ie: we were able to re-rent your stay), you get your money back! Pretty darn fair, don’t you think?

balance due

If you’ve paid a deposit, the balance of your payment is due upon arrival, so please bring US dollars, pesos or travelers checks.


  • Sixty days (or more) in advance of arrival date: Full refund, minus a US $40 processing fee.
  • Less than 60 days in advance of arrival date: Refund of the rate paid only for whatever dates we are able to re-rent, minus the $40 USD processing fee.
  • Deposits and payments are forfeited for any dates that cannot be re-rented.

(Most San Miguel bed and breakfasts charge a lot more than we do and they keep your whole deposit if you cancel. Told you we’re sweet.)

If you have to cancel your stay: Please let us know as soon possible. We will begin trying to re-rent your room(s) immediately. Then, email us after your intended stay, and we will let you know what dates, if any, we were able to re-rent and send you the applicable refund.

travel insurance

We recommend you protect yourself with travel insurance, in the even that you cannot fulfill your reservation with us. This insurance is remarkably affordable and protects you, your trip, your belongings, and your money in many, many ways. Cool stuff.

We book far in advance, turning many people away once we have received your deposit. A deposit gives us some protection against cancellations—that’s its only purpose. It guarantees us a portion of the income we would have received had a stay not been cancelled. When a guest cancels a stay and we are not able to re-rent, we lose money.

Family emergencies, illness, natural disasters, and flight cancellations do happen. Unfortunately, we cannot be financially responsible for such events. Our rates are low and our refund policies generous. We do not “pad” our prices to make up for cancelled stays. So, we really cannot return deposits beyond what our policies allow, no matter what the reason. Travel insurance is your responsibility, to assure restitution for a cancelled or delayed trip.

These guys are recommended by Lonely Planet and do cool stuff for kids and families around the world, to boot. World Nomads travel insurance. We’re thinking of making this insurance mandatory, just so we can see more smiles on the kids of Vanuatu. : )

check out these healthy boundaries:

  • There are no exceptions to these policies.
  • Rates are subject to change without notice


    Good Morning. My wife and I wanted to say thank you. You’ve changed the concept of accommodations with your warm and personal attention so much that it almost seems as if we’ve known each other for years. I send you my best wishes. (translated)
    — Guillermo