san miguel de allende pictures

My mother and I in san miguel allende, circa 1972

Mom and me in San Miguel, circa 1972

Such a photogenic town! San Miguel has been the darling of photographers for ages. Not surprising, given the gorgeous colonial architecture and her world-famous colors.

Here you’ll find our own take on San Miguel de Allende pictures: all taken by yours truly. All in all, I’ve been roaming these cobblestones for around 15 years. As I got older, I often had a camera in tow. These photos of San Miguel reflect my feelings for the dreamy pueblo in which I spent a large part of my childhood. Hope you enjoy!

Casita de las Flores San Miguel Allende picture gallery

Also, here are images of Casita de las Flores, my biggest art project to date.

Casita de las Flores San Miguel picture gallery


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