san miguel weather

waiting out a summer rain under the arches in san miguel's jardin

waiting out a summer rain near the jardin

Sunny San Miguel is pretty much smack dab in the center (the heart) of Mexico (latitude: 20º55’00’’ north, longitude: 100º45’00’’ west, to be specific). The pueblo is perched on a hill in the eastern mountainous part of the state of Guanajuato.

At an altitude of more than 6400 feet, the sun is strong, the air is clear, and the sky nearly always brilliantly blue. Not to mention the clarity of the light — the golden hour in San Miguel really is something to crow about. (No wonder all these artsy types hang out here.) Be sure you’re out in the centro in the hour or so before sunset…glorious — San Miguel de Allende at its glowing best.

San Miguel’s climate is pretty near perfect. Sunny most days, never too cold, only occasionally hot, and never too humid.

local climate / what to bring

San Miguel enjoys warm-to-hot and dry weather nearly all year round, which makes it perfect for outdoor living. Our climate is ideal for taking part in a variety of outdoor sports and activities and for taking in the local culture, architecture and scenery.

rainy season — (from June to September, more or less): It usually only rains during these months. Summer here is lovely, with sunny days and blue skies in morning and evening, and dramatic thunderstorms in the afternoon (usually around 4 pm) which cool off the air and leave everything sparkling. Occasionally, it’ll rain all night. Temperatures can change drastically when it starts to rain. During the rainy season, it’s not a bad idea to take a sweater out with you, even on hot cloudless days.

winter — You won’t need heavy winter clothes, but a warm coat or leather jacket, and a scarf are a good idea, as nights and mornings can be pretty cold. (Of course, if you’re from Canada or, say, Michigan, you’ll think it’s downright balmy.) You’ll want to bring clothes you can layer as it sometimes gets quite warm in the afternoons. (Winter to summer to winter in one day.) Sunscreen is a must, even in winter, as well as a bathing suit, if you want to go to the hotsprings or local pools in the afternoons. I’d also bring something snuggly (sweats, a robe) and slippers…

The rest of the year, the weather’s more or less perfect. Especially in October.

san miguel weather note

The sun is quite strong at this altitude, and sunscreen is obscenely expensive here…so bring your own. And, although we are in the high desert, there’s no shortage of water in which to frolic. Hotel pools and nearby hot springs make it very worthwhile to bring a bathing suit (and that sunscreen, of course), even in winter.

Our store, Tiendita de las Flores, has other suggestions for what to bring.

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Detailed yearly temperatures from our own San Miguel weather station: