safety in san miguel

san miguel mounted police

Do these guys look nervous to you?

Is it safe to travel to San Miguel? What about crime in San Miguel? These are questions we get all the time, thanks to the media. It’s normal to wonder about traveling to San Miguel, given the picture the media up there paints of Mexico. But if you want accurate answers, it’s really important to do a little research of your own. For starters:

1) Straight from the horse’s mouth: Read the United States State Department’s Mexico Travel Advisory, which very specifically warns readers of the few places not to go. (Too bad they don’t have one on the U.S.)

2) Balance the Mexico news you receive with at least a few articles by journalists that haven’t fallen prey to sensationalism. Of course, there’s crime in Mexico, but if you look at the facts, there’s far, far less here than in the US, and 98% of the violence in Mexico takes place in a handful of border towns and industrial cities—not in protected tourist destinations like San Miguel.

3) Get down here and check it out for yourself—that’s the way to really know how safe Mexico is.

San Miguel is a very safe little city — (One of the top 8 safest places to visit in Mexico, according to Lonely Planet, May 2011) Probably safer than where you live, unless you happen to live in Mayberry, circa 1955.

a painting of the casita entrance by guest, Richard M

painting of the casita entrance by guest, Richard

The Casita is a safe place within a safe town. Hidden away in a middle-class neighborhood, behind high walls and locked doors, there are no big signs announcing who we are, which keeps us nice and anonymous. Plus, our neighbors look out for us (and vice-versa). If it makes you feel any better, we have lockboxes in every room. It is BYOL (bring your own lock), however, since ours tended to disappear with the guests (isn’t it ironic?)


p.s More details on safety in Mexico here.