Shopping in San Miguel de Allende

san miguel de allende store full of mexican clothing and handicrafts

San Miguel retail therapy is colorful and effective

Shopping in San Miguel is an art form, (one of our many art forms—we’re artsy, you know.) Whether you’re an reluctant dabbler get-the-first-semi-appropriate-gift-you-see shopper or the Da Vinci of extreme retail therapy, you’ll find something you just gotta have in San Miguel.

Whether it’s a piña piñata, an elaborate hand-crafted tin mirror frame, a pair of the famous “San Miguel Shoes” (hey, I hear they go for four times as much on Martha’s Vineyard) or just some  postcards of San Miguel in 1957, it’s all here. Or maybe an authentic made in Ecuador Panama hat? A Cuban cigar? A colorful reboso for those chilly evenings, silvery jewelry or a lampshade encrusted with marbles.

We suggest checking out the big artisan’s market behind and West of the main mercado before buying—they’ve got much of what’s available in the centro boutiques, but for much less.

San Miguel is famous for its art and artists, so it should come as no surprise that we have galleries galore. They’re everywhere. Personally, we love the work of longtime San Miguel residents Peter Leventhal (in Berlin restaurant/bar on Umaran) and Dan Rueffert (Galeria 19, on Jesus Street).

Check out Peter’s studio in the fabulous Fabrica Aurora…an antique ex-factory, the building itself is worth the trip. The ton of art galleries and studios inside are just more decorative icing on the pretty cake. (Peter’s studio is everything an artist’s studio should be: creative chaos, madness and genius in progress, inspiring, awesome, and fun)

If there’s an opening at the Aurora while you’re in town, it’s worth a visit.