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we heart mexico!

We heart mexico!

As you may know, we at the Casita have been waging our own little war with the US media’s persistent and damaging innacuracies about the drug violence in Mexico. Check out our Facebook page for the ongoing saga. (Might as well “like” us while you’re there…) Go to our fabulous blog for recent (and rational) journalistic opinions on the matter of safety in Mexico.

The ignorance and hysteria perpetuated by this mean-spirited propaganda campaign has hit tourism very hard, and the country is suffering. More than a third of Mexicans work in the tourism industry. That’s a lot of families affected by all this fear peddling, when Mexico’s crime rate is actually exponentially lower than the US’s. Check out the data at NationMaster.com.

Anyway, for those of you who know just how safe and wonderful San Miguel (and 99% of Mexico) really is, we’d like to offer even more incentive to come on down and show those gullible fearmongers and scaredycats up North what’s what.

Just say “no way, Jose” to sensationalism and xenophobia and “si, por favor” to travel, fun, bargains, and margaritas! The good news? The dollar is high and prices here are low. So, now’s yer chance to live it up!


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