flights to san miguel de allende

Getting to San Miguel de Allende by plane — Since we’re too small for an airport, there are no actual flights to San Miguel de Allende. Not to worry. Since we are such a popular tourist destination, there are ways to get to San Miguel with a minimum of hassle.

1) Fly into Leon, Guanajuato (BJX) and get a shuttle from the Leon airport into San Miguel de Allende. The shuttle takes about an hour and a half and costs about US $29 per person, if there are two people or more on the shuttle. Here’s the shuttle company we always use. They are very polite, reliable, they give our guests a good rate, and they know how to get to us.

FYI: The Leon airport is about 20 minutes outside of the city, at Silao—so staying in Leon is not your best option if you have early or late flights.*

2) Fly into Mexico City (MEX) This alternative, which may be less expensive, airline ticket-wise, is more time consuming and more of a hassle. There is a very cushy first-class Aeroplus bus with ample, reclining seats and loud movies that leaves just about every hour, directly from the Mexico City AIRPORT (so you don’t have to mess around with Mexico city taxis and traffic and such), to Queretaro. (The bus takes around 3 hours and costs around US $20.00 each way.) At Queretaro, you can take a very inexpensive bus to San Miguel (an hour and a half or so) or you can grab a cab from the bus station for around US $30 (about 45 minutes, and they’ll bring you to our door, if they can find it. Get a map from us.) This is the least painful and least expensive way to get to SMA from Mexico City.

3) Fly into Queretaro. This is a relatively new option and flight availability is improving. Rumor has it there are direct flights from Oakland and elsewhere. The same shuttle company will bring you to San Miguel for about US $75. A cab might actually cost less…but a Queretaro cab won’t know how to find the Casita, so be sure and get a map from us.

Note: if you misguidedly decide to take the four-hour bus from the Mexico City Norte bus station, be aware that there are only three departures a day, and the last (5 pm or so) is too late to get you into your nice warm bed at the Casita. (We don’t do check-ins after 10 pm.)

Less painful but a bit more expensive: You can also book a shuttle from Mexico City airport to our door via the shuttle company above. It runs around US $70 per person. They’ll meet you at your gate and put you safely on board the Queretaro bus. Then they’ll pick you up in Q and bring you on home (to our door).

Schedule Suggestions. Try to avoid very late-arriving flights and very early outward-bound flights, as the roads from/to Mexico City and Leon are not ideal in the dark (not because of banditos, but because of rambling livestock, iffy narrow lanes, non-existent shoulders and a general lack of lighting). If you come in late, you might have to spend the night in Mexico City or near Leon, which would be more complicated and expensive—but then, maybe you want to see the Mexico City lights and sights (and smog) or spend a morning shopping for shoes in Leon, Mexico’s leather capital…

*If you come into the Leon Bajio airport (BJX) very late, and prefer to stay the night, consider staying in Guanajuato instead of Leon. Guanajuato is a really great little city, and it’s the same distance as Leon from the airport. (About a US $20 cab ride.) Then, after a can’t-miss breakfast at Truco 7 (on Truco Street in the centro), pay the famous mummies a visit, and catch an inexpensive hour-and-a-half bus to San Miguel the next day.