getting to san miguel by bus or car

Getting to San Miguel de Allende by bus. Within Mexico, the bus is often the best way to travel. Unless you’re a die-hard cultural witness or a masochist, first class is worth the extra cost, as it means fewer or no stops and much faster trips, not to mention air conditioning, cushy chairs and sometimes a free drink and even a (loud) movie. Below are links to Mexico’s two major bus lines:

Primera Plus


Getting to San Miguel de Allende by car. If speed limits aren’t sacred to you (we think the limits are perfect, if you just take the K off the KMPH), it’s a twelve-hour drive from Laredo, Texas to San Miguel. (Leave at 8 am and be here in time for a margarita with dinner!) San Miguel de Allende is about a fourteen hour drive from Austin. (It took me, my mother, my two dogs and one cat 3 days to get here from San Diego, but we made a LOT of stops. That’s another story. Did I ever tell you what the guy at the border said? See about us.) It’s pretty hard to get lost, given there are only 2 or 3 major freeways in Mexico. Just head South from the US and turn left at Albuquerque. We’ll send you a map so you can find us easily once you get here.

San Miguel de Allende is about a four-hour drive from both Mexico city and Guadalajara. Eight hours from Puerto Vallarta (via Guadalajara). The Leon (BJX) airport is 90 minutes away. Guanajuato is about an hour’s drive away, and it takes about 45 minutes to get to Queretaro and Celaya by car. Dolores Hidalgo is around 30 minutes away.

Renting a car in Mexico tends to be pricey. If you’ve got a town-hopping road trip in mind, it might be a good idea. If you just want to be in San Miguel and take a few day trips, save the car rental fees and pay for a tour or private driver. Trust us, San Miguel is best experienced without a car. Everybody walks. Buses and taxis are plentiful and very inexpensive. Parking and traffic are challenging and taxing. If you really want a relaxing (and green) vacation, leave your license at home. Embrace vehiclelessness. Om.